CTE, Chinese subsidiary 100% owned by the CNIM Group
DESIGN and FABRICATION of high quality electro-mechanical equipment in China



CNIM China (represented by Xuejun FU) and France (represented by Jean-Claude Cercassi) participated the ITER business forum 2014 held in Seoul, South Korea from July 1 to July 4.

IBF Korea 2014 provides industries with updated information on ITER status, procurement procedures and forthcoming calls for tenders (2014-2015) with a special focus on procurement status of DA's and specific attention to their main suppliers (manufacturing status, potential needs in partnerships, subcontracting or local support).


This business forum also facilitates the industrial partnerships and business relations between industries on the ITER project and beyond.

CNIM has done a presentation on the status of the radial plate manufacturing with its partner simic for ITER project. The delivery speed will be 2 plates each month from July 2014 until 2017.

CNIM China provides specific toolings of radial plates with European standards from its factory in Foshan,China.


Background of ITER


ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) is a large-scale scientific experiment that aims to demonstrate that it is possible to produce commercial energy from fusion. The scientific goal of the ITER project is to deliver ten times the power it consumes.

The seven Members (Europe, China, Japan, Korea, Russia, India and USA) of the international ITER project have all created Domestic Agencies to act as the liaison between national governments and the ITER Organization.


Most of the components that make up ITER will be delivered by the ITER parties "in kind".