CTE, Chinese subsidiary 100% owned by the CNIM Group
DESIGN and FABRICATION of high quality electro-mechanical equipment in China
Production – Metal work

1. Metal preparation


  • Laser cutting machine


  • Cutting thickness up to 20mm
  • Capacity for 4 x 2 m dimensions
  • Carbon & Stainless steel and Aluminum


  • CNC Bending machine


  • Bending thickness up to 15mm
  • Capacity for 4m wide


  • Flame cutting machine for thicknesses up to 100mm
  • Shearing machine
  • Mechanical Press
  • Saw cutting
  • Drilling and milling machines


Strongly committed to quality, CTE ensures a precise material traceability as soon as the material reception and during each step of the fabrication:

2. Welding skills


Able to perform unit fabrication as well as small to medium sized, CTE will study and define the best processes and perform most adapted jigs according to your projects.



Thanks to its qualified welding engineers and non-destructive testing inspectors, CTE is able to train and qualify best quality welders for Carbon and Stainless steel welding adapted to your specifications and fabrication needs.


Main welding processes used:

  • Manual Metal Arc (SMAW / 111)
  • Tungsten Inert Gas (GTAW / 141)
  • Metal Inert Gas-Metal Active Gas (GMAW / 131 and 135)


3. Machining big sized components

  • 2 machines
  • Max. acceptable dimensions: 8m x  4m x 3m high
  • X, Y, Z axes and rotating table,