CTE, Chinese subsidiary 100% owned by the CNIM Group
DESIGN and FABRICATION of high quality electro-mechanical equipment in China
Nuclear Energy

Acting as a designer and manufacturer of equipments for French and Chinese nuclear installations, CTE is member of the PFCE French association.


CTE is involved in many of the CNIM Group’s projects for AREVA or CNPEC customers:

Taishan Project


CTE co-signed the Taishan Nuclear Power contract with CGNPC customer and CNIM France, covering the sourcing, manufacturing and delivery of a Spent Fuel Cask Transfer Facility system (SFCTF), for The Taishan Nuclear Power Plant in South China.


This project is managed in good interaction with central French Project & Design resources, using the Chinese staff and expertise, combining project management, sourcing and qualification, suppliers quality assurance, outsourcing and accurate document controls for nuclear requirement.


Handled under AREVA’s specifications.


  • 100 tons and 8m high equipment
  • Complex system gathering various different expertise:
    • Radiologic protection
    • Carbon & Stainless structural welding and Pressure piping
    • Mechanical assemblies
    • Electrical wiring, Programming and Testing
    • Pneumatics



GBII Project


Fabrication of hundreds of S355 steel welded structures for the George Besse II uranium enrichment complex in France.


This project required specific qualification from AREVA prior to any fabrication activity and regular inspection from Bureau Veritas had been performed during the whole project realization.


As a first nuclear project performed in CTE, the GBII project contributed to further develop the skills on high quality steel structure welding as well as on mastering critical outsourced processes (such as heat treatment, high accuracy machining and painting), suppliers quality assurance driving, and especially, document preparation and control for nuclear type product supplies.


Silencers project

CTE is manufacturing silencers for nuclear power plants for the Chinese market.

Currently working on 18 sets for the Ningde, Yangjiang and Fangchenggang Chinese nuclear power plants:

  • Carbon and stainless steel welding
  • Design straight coming from Bertin Engineering, a sister company from the CNIM Group
  • Requiring specific fabrication processes:
    • Heat treatment
    • Pickling and passivation
    • Painting

Valinox Project


  • Realisation of the stainless steel pipe production line of the Valinox Nansha factory, with peripherical equipment.
  • Scope: design localisation, sourcing, manufacturing, tooling development, control cabinet, site installation, training, commissioning.