CTE, Chinese subsidiary 100% owned by the CNIM Group
DESIGN and FABRICATION of high quality electro-mechanical equipment in China




  • The silencers can be placed before or after the filters to have a noise reduction.
  • To handle the high-pressure air extracted from the turbine compressor directly at the extraction pressure and eliminate the need for a reducing valve to lower pressure for anti-icing applications within gas turbine filter houses.
  • Allowing the use of small-diameter piping in the front of the filter inlet.
  • To inject hot clean air into the frame of a gas turbine air inlet for bleed heating applications
  • To protect the blades of turbine from ice.
  • To distribute air uniformly in the filter house, changing the temperature in GT inlet allows the turbine to work differently, it have an effect on NOX and jump frequency resonance.
  • These inlet bleed heating nozzles are integrated in a dry low NO system to help customers comply with NO emission levels over a wider operating range.
  • No mineral or organic material



  • Air input filters for industrial gas turbines.
  • Air input filters for diesel compressors and engines.
  • Moulding and blowing machines for the food industry.
  • Rail transport – train carriage braking circuit draining systems.
  • Marine – compressed air circuit draining on certain navy vessels.
  • High pressure draining system



  • DN32, DN40, DN50, DN60
  • Design according to Client’s specification(Noise level, inlet dimension,pressure, flow rate,temperature)



Donaldson, AAF, GE Altair Filters, BIS, Braden, Pneumafil, Alstom, GE, Siemens, Mitsubishi, etc.


CTE has build Silencer for Nuclear Plant in Ningde, Yangjiang and Fangchenggang Chinese nuclear power plants.