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Sterilwave is an easy-to-use new generation Biohazardous waste (BHW) treatment system designed for direct use on waste-producing sites. Sterilwave automatically converts potentially infectious medical waste into dry, stable, inactivate and ordinary life waste. It reduces the volume of biohazardous waste by 80% and its weight by 25%. Simple and safe to install and use, totally environment-friendly. Sterilwave is the most cost-effective solution currently available for clinical waste management and decontamination.


Technology Principle-on site waste management.


Sterilwave is based on microwave technology to proceed to the waste disinfection. Thanks to its dual-phase process (grinding and disinfection). It enables medical waste bacterial inactivation in around 30-35 minutes and needs only 5 to 10 operator time! Sterilwave transforms any type of hospital and laboratory waste, solid and liquid medical waste, glass, sharp metals.


Sterilwave is approved and recommended by numerous International Health Institutions and the WHO as an efficient system reaching all environmental requirement and without any liquid effluent rejection.


Sterilwave Process


loading of the biohazardous waste (manual or automatic)
Grinding step to reduce the waste volume Heating for sterilization using microwave solution Transfer of the grinderc sterilized waste into a container



For more Sterilwave product information please visit www.sterilwave.com