CTE, Chinese subsidiary 100% owned by the CNIM Group
DESIGN and FABRICATION of high quality electro-mechanical equipment in China

CNIM Modular Assault Bridge Project


CTE acts in the CNIM Group’s project for the Assembly of high quality level components of the CNIM Modular Assault Bridge for military application.


The CNIM Modular Assault Bridge is currently the most innovative forward bridging system and has no equivalent system anywhere in the world. Its originality resides in the fact that the length of the bridge can be adjusted according to the width of the gaps to be crossed.


On the manufacturing aspect, this project reinforced CTE's know-how on high quality drilling and riveting process on aluminum panels for critical type products. It also strengthened its skills in project management with constant exchange of information for accurate quality control and project follow up between CTE China and its parent company in France.