CTE, Chinese subsidiary 100% owned by the CNIM Group
DESIGN and FABRICATION of high quality electro-mechanical equipment in China
Production – Electro-mechanical

1. Mechanical assemblies


Performance of small to big sized mechanical assemblies.



2. Electrical work


Electrical engineering and installation on produced equipments including the following activities:


  • Selection of electrical suppliers, parts qualification and testing
  • Display programming, control cabinets and PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programming
  • Installation of cabinets and electrical wiring
  • Performance of Electromagnetic Compatibility testing



3. In workshop pre-commissioning


Once equipments have been fully completed CTE is able to perform inspection and testing according to your requirements prior to shipping for delivery.

4. On site installation


Building on its experience developed during the equipment manufacturing phase. CTE can perform or assist you for the onsite installation and testing of the produced equipments.