Scrap conveyor

Scrap conveyor

Project key figures


From design to delivery


Falling parts resistance


From customized design to maintenance

COMETAL is an Italian company specializing mainly in aluminum extrusion machines. Notably, this internationally-established firm has a plant at Foshan, China, which produces finished machines. COMETAL needed a custom-made conveyor to recover aluminum scrap and transfer it to a specific waste storage location.



  • • Dimensions: 8.5 m long, 5 m high

    • Weight: 5 metric tons

    • Units produced: 1 conveyor

    • Material: Carbon Steel (Galvanized and painted)

Quick responsiveness

CNIM Industrial Systems China, also located in the Foshan industrial region, proved to be the ideal partner for this industrial conveyor project. Backed by their experience in the manufacture of escalators, teams from CNIM Industrial Systems China tackled the challenge of focusing their expertise on the design, manufacture and full-scale testing of this conveyor that was to be delivered within 49 days.

Tailored-made design for high fatigue resistance

CNIM Industrial Systems China industrial design skills enabled it to engineer the conveyor to withstand impacts by 350 kg aluminum plates falling from heights of more than one meter. Fatigue and impact analyses were conducted on the steel conveyor belt to confirm the manufacturing process would ensure high performances throughout the conveyor’s service life. As for all its industrial conveyors, CNIM Industrial Systems China carried out manufacturing operations, complete assembly in erected mode and full-scale tests in its workshops.

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