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Express manufacture and delivery of 5 stainless steel smoke scrubbing equipment

    LAB is one of CNIM Group’s subsidiary specialising in the treatment of fumes, especially on board ships. Stainless steel 254SMO units, highly resistant to corrosion in marine environments, are installed at the engine exhaust outlets. They ensure that ships comply with the latest international environmental regulations governing SOx emissions.

    In order to meet the scheduling challenges;imposed by its customers, mainly international shipowners with routes to China, LAB naturally approached CNIM Industrial Systems China. After the initial project meeting in China in January, staff ordered the raw materials straight away, evidence of the absolute confidence within the CNIM group. On the 21st of February LAB honoured CNIM Industrial Systems China by placing an order for 5 cylindrical units (diameter: 3800mm, height: 2800m). The first 5 products were delivered between March 1st and March 15th.

"The schedule was very tight: we had to coordinate staff to the acturing, on-site delivery and commissioning”, says Raphaël Pellerin, CNIM Industrial Systems China's Director of Operations. "This project once again demonstrated the synergies existing within the CNIM Group. There was a strong spirit of mutual assistance between the staff, this was required to meet the deadline."

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