Happy new year of the pig!

      On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, CNIM Industrial Systems China’s staff came together to share a meal, to take part in team building activities and to enjoy a party.

"I really appreciate the dynamism and motivation of the staff. CNIM Industrial Systems China reflects the rest of the CNIM Group: a family atmosphere, an entrepreneurial and a creative spirit coupled with a desire for performance and high quality” emphasises Philippe Lazare, CEO of CNIM Industrial Systems.

 "CNIM Industrial Systems China is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the CNIM Group and was founded in 2005. We have a history of selling heavy-duty escalators in Asia and around the world. We have developed skills such as electromechanical and control-command assembly, working in synergy with our French staff. 

We are currently the CNIM group’s main contractor for industrial projects thanks to our cost optimisation capabilities. In addition to the Group’s products and services, we also offer our own industrial solutions to the Chinese and Asian markets in 3 different areas: industrial conveyors, electromechanical systems and mechanically welded structures. Many Chinese manufacturers have shown interest in automating their production lines as we have been doing here for the last 20 to 30 years [...]” extract of a speech by Vincent Bury, General Manager of CNIM Industrial Systems China.

Happy new year of the pig from all our staff 

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