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30 MW heat pumps for a Swiss heat network: 3 months of intense manufacturing

14,000 heat exchanger tubes, 160 tonnes, 12 metres long by 5 metres wide and 6 metres high, 30 MW... We are talking about a heat network, not an airport!were shipped from China on December 26, 2018.

    CNIM Industrial Systems China succeeded in manufacturing the heat pumps in just 3 months. They were also delivered as quickly as possible: CNIM Industrial Systems China has Level A certification with the Gaoming Customs for fast shipment.

"This project has been captivating. The team needed to be expanded by a factor of 4” says Raphaël Pellerin, director of operations CNIM Industrial Systems China. "Experienced welders were recruited from all over China, and we all worked extremely fast to meet the schedule

    In partnership with CNIM's French teams, we are developing our skills in the design and manufacture of pressurised equipment, including techniques such as expansion to seal heat pumps and the control of leaks using helium testing. This project involved the largest pressurised equipment ever made in our workshops,” adds Vincent Bury, General Manager of CNIM Industrial Systems China.

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