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Trust & long-term partnership: 45 additional references delivered

    As a key partner of Matière, a French company specializing in the production of structures, CNIM Industrial Systems China has manufactured and shipped over 1,500 modular bridge panels worldwide since 2014.

    Matière has indeed entrusted part of its production to CNIM Industrial Systems China to improve its competitiveness in the market for modular steel bridges, while guaranteeing the quality of its products.

*Matiere’spanel bridge © Matiere

Following the success of the first contract, Matière again contracted CNIM Industrial Systems China to construct other structural bridge parts. A total of strong 45 additional new references, or 937 parts, were finalized in October 2018. The combined weight of the additional parts came to 940 tonnes.

    Thanks to CNIM Industrial Systems China, Matière has been able to improve its logistics, lower its production costs and guarantee the quality of its end products.

Manufacture in China, providing high levels of quality in welding and inspections, as well as storage options at our workshops, are three factors that have reduced the costs of its metal structures, which measure 2 m long and 3 m wide, and weigh 335 kg.Adds Raphaël Pellerin, Director of Operations at CNIM Industrial Systems China

    *Bridge panels stored in CNIM Industrial Systems China’s workshops, waiting for delivery

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