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High grade stainless steel equipment for German shipping companies

High grade stainless steel equipment for German shipping companies.

December, 5th, 2019

Reactivity, high grade stainless steel manufacturing, high quality, supplier and site supervision: CNIM Industrial Systems China teams are present.

Since the beginning of 2019, CNIM Industrial Systems China has been manufacturing quenches, 3.6 m in diameter and 2.6 m height high grade stainless steel equipment part of a exhaust gas cleaning system installed on board merchant ships to reduce the SOx emissions.

From January 2020, the international regulation will require vessels to sharply reduce their SOx emissions. Two top German shipping companies called for LAB’s established expertise. Indeed LAB, one of CNIM Group’s subsidiary, has been delivering emissions treatment solutions for more than 60 years and offers DeepBlueLABTM, flue gas cleaning solutions for Marine Industry.

Part of the same Group, CNIM Industrial Systems China and LAB are working hand in hand to manufacture, deliver in a very short time and supervise the installation the quenches, scrubbers and other exhaust gas cleaning equipment.  Schedules are really tight, but kept. Quality is at the rendezvous.

This achievement was only possible thanks to the synergy developped between  CNIM group subsidiaries.

10 quenches have been delivered in 2019. 6 other will be manufactured and installed on board German merchant vessels during 2020.

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