Productivity gains: CNIM China sets up two new machining centers

Productivity & competitiveness gains is CNIM Industrial Systems China’s goal with the installation of two new machining centers in its workshops in Gaoming.

"Internalizing the machining of parts allows us to save a lot of time, because we no longer have to manage their transport to our suppliers and to interrupt the production lines if minor adjustments are required," explains Raphaël Pellerin, Director CNIM China Operations. "These new machines allow us to be even more responsive and flexible And of course more competitive We can better meet the demands of our customers. ».                

Installed in November, the two machines are already running at almost full speed. The lathing center (Ø: 420mm, L: 662mm) is dedicated to quenches project (stainless steel equipment for the marine industry) and medical waste management solutions.

Lathing machine installed within CNIM China's workshops (picture, on the left)

The milling center (X, Y, Z: 1050 x 530 x 510 mm) is dedicated to the manufacturing of stainless steel structures (3m x 2m wide x 1m) – some equipment part of the water filtration system of the Hinkley Point EPR, currently under construction..

Small milling center in operation in CNIM China’s industrial facilities (picture, on the right)

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