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Delivery of 16 medical waste management systems in Wuhan province

Coronavirus: CNIM China teams strongly committed to delivering medical waste management solutions

From February, 8th to 12th February, 2020, Bertin's technology combined with the industrial and commercial expertise of CNIM China locally made it possible to deliver the first 16 medical waste management solutions in Wuhan province to fight the spread of coronavirus (2019-nCoV). In just one week, CNIM China teams were able to prepare the machines.

       Only 1 week to produce and deliver the systems in Wuhan province

Devoted teams meeting critical deadlines

            CNIM China’s teams are recognized by their customers as greatly responsive and deeply committed to meeting deadlines as well as producing high quality equipment & systems. This promise was once again kept while the whole country is in an acute crisis facing the Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

Final check before sending

Despite traffic restrictions, CNIM China’s teams swung into action to tirelessly produce and deliver to in only one week 16 systems to newly built hospitals in the Wuhan area. Installation is currently ongoing and teams are providing remote technical support.

       Medical waste management solutions ready to be delivered

"The teams’ cohesion and their desire to help their fellow citizens made it possible to deliver the production a day in advance! That could not have been possible without all their efforts . Every day counts against Coronavirus. Our unwavering commitment is our way of supporting each ill people in China.” said Raphaël Pellerin, Chief Operations Officer at CNIM China.

        Thank you to our employees

Efficient solutions to inactivate the virus

The medical waste management solutions are both ultra-compact and innovative. The efficiency of the virus’ inactivation has been validated by the French Ministries of Health and the Environment. The hospitals in the Wuhan region will directly treat the potentially contaminated waste, thus greatly limiting the risks of virus spreading. Waste grinding and microwave sterilization treatments can indeed inactivate the Coronavirus*.

*A recent study of The New England Journal of Medicine shows that the virus cannot withstand more than 80 °C.

       The medical waste mangement solution beeing installed in one hospital in Wuhan province

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