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Medical wastes free of virus: a volunteer testifies

At Noah’s Ark Hospital, a hospital set-up in Wuhan province, several CNIM China’s medical waste management systems were installed to deal with coronavirus infected wastes.

On “Hubei the paper”, an online Chinese media, a volunteer at Noah’s Ark Hospital explained the procedure testifying the efficiency of the medical waste management systems.

Every day at the pandemic peak, each machine treated more than one ton of medical waste, turning infected material into harmless free of virus powder like garbage.

The procedure is really simple. The medical waste is delivered on site and put inside the machine barrel. The inside temperature reaches 100°C. Then a microwave disinfection occurs, leaving the material free of virus. The remaining waste is harmless and can be thrown away as normal garbage.

Extract of the video of “Hubei the paper”, an online Chinese media.

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