Guangzhou metro floods: in short time, repair 20 escalators for a safe restart

Guangzhou metro floods: in a very short time, advise our client and repair the 20 escalators for a safe restart

Guangzhou, the 22th May, 2020. Heavy and prolonged rainfall led to the formation of a powerful flood in the city of Guangzhou. No casualties but a lot of material damage, including the Guangzhou metro.

It is in this context of emergency that our client, with 2 stations completely flooded and 20 heavy duty escalators went out of service, that our client, the Guangzhou metro called upon our maintenance services for a rapid deployment on site.

CNIM Industrial Systems China immediately mobilized its on-site maintenance teams (reaching more than 40 people on the 2 metro stations in a few days) to help the customer clean up and assess the damage.

"Our role is to support our client in an emergency by quickly mobilizing our on-site maintenance teams, by assessing the damages and advising them on major repairs to be carried out on escalators for a safe restart" explains Vincent Bury, managing director of CNIM Industrial Systems China. “The 20 escalators affected are for intensive use. They transport thousands of people a day on the Guangzhou metro. They must be in perfect working order to ensure 100% passenger safety. "                                

Occurred 3 weeks ago, the disaster caused material damage which called into question the safety of escalators. To date, engines and gearboxes have been partially changed. Our maintenance teams will carry out other major repairs to ensure a 100% reliable operating condition after customer’s greenlight.

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