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Budapest Metro escalators: delivery of the 6th contract

In August 2020, CNIM China delivered 3 new heavy-duty escalators for the Budapest metro.

 One of CNIM's heavy-duty escalators of Budapest metro © Nagy Zoltán

In 2012-2013, CNIM delivered 91 escalators to equip the Budapest metro. Since that date, the client, satisfied with both the quality of the services and the high-performance of the products has awarded CNIM Industrial Systems China 5 new contracts.

 Heavy-duty escalator ready to be 100% tested before being delivered © CNIM Industrial Systems China

Manufactured in our workshops, 100% tested and delivered on time despite the Covid-19 crisis, the 3 escalators of this 6th contract measure 3.6 m high and weigh 10 tons each.

In 2021-2022, CNIM China will supply 29 other heavy-duty escalators (25 m high) to equip the new lines of the Budapest metro. A long-term relationship built on trust.

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