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16 German cargo ships equipped to meet SOx emissions standards

CNIM Industrial Systems China delivered to a major German shipping company the last 3 quenches to 3 cargo ships. A total of 16 boats will have been equipped.

Quenches are stainless steel equipment, with a diameter of about 3.5 m and weighing between 3 and 4 tons. They are part of the system that cleans the exhaust gases of boat engines.

Three stainless steel quenches ready to be delivered and installed on German cargo ships © CNIM Industrial Systems China

LAB, a subsidiary of the CNIM Group and an expert company in the treatment of fumes, has entrusted the manufacturing to CNIM China. It offers a complete system to maritime transport vessels so that they comply with international regulations on SOx emissions.

 High quality and tight schedule are both met  © CNIM Industrial Systems China

CNIM Industrial Systems China has storage capacities in its workshops. For this contract, we have offered our client the possibility to wait for the arrival of its cargo ships at the dock to deliver the equipment.

"We adapt our selves to our clients’ needs We know that sometimes our clients’ schedules may change, so we do our best to help them" underlines Raphaël Pellerin, Director of Operations at CNIM Industrial Systems China.

"We also adapt to the health situation." adds Raphaël Pellerin."Our partner LAB cannot currently send its teams overseas. So, we take over on site and supervise the installation on board of the equipment."

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