CNIM China Factory Tour

CNIM China is proud to host the “Factory tour 2020” organized by the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China on the 25th of September.

The program includes a guided tour of CNIM China facilities (20 000m2 workshops) and a seminar on “Automation and digitalization in the manufacturing industry & Supply chain resilience in Guangdong”.

CNIM China will present its industrial journey, from 2005 with the creation of the company for the international activity of heavy duty, until today with its offer of complex electromechanical handling solutions for local niche markets.

Agenda :

Vincent Bury, CEO of CNIM China and Chairman of the Manufacturing Forum* of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China will be pleased to welcome you.

* Established in 2012, bringing together 118 European industrial companies, from all sectors and of all sizes (SMEs as well as large groups (Volkswagen or Andritz are part of it for example), the Manufacturing forum is a platform for sharing business experiences in China, such as licence applications, suppliers, human resources, and the all challenges and issues they may encounter on the local market. The members also share best practices and gain competitive advantages.

As President, for a period of one year, Vincent Bury is the spokesperson with local authorities on regulatory implementation for local business for the Manufacturing Forum members. One of its missions is also to animate this industrial community.

Registration :

Factory Tour: https://www.europeanchamber.com.cn/en/upcoming-events/18242/Factory_Tour_to_CNIM_Delivers_on_global_scale_high_quality_electromechanical_systems_and_welded_structures

Seminar: https://www.europeanchamber.com.cn/en/upcoming-events/18363/Supply_Chain_Automation_and_Digitalization_The_current_status_and_the_future_of_the_manufacturing_revolution_in_Guangdong_

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