New delivery of heavy-duty escalators to equip the Budapest metro

In December 2019, CNIM signed a new contract for the supply of 29 new heavy-duty escalators to equip the Budapest metro Line 3.

The first three heavy-duty escalators (25m high, 0.75m/s speed) have been shipped to Budapest at the end of January.No less than 13 containers were necessary to transport all escalators.

The manufacturing of heavy-duty escalators requires a number of CNIM China’s key skills:studies/engineering, welding, mechanical assembly, electricity, PLC programming.

One of our strengths is that we use to machine each escalator section guaranteeing quick and safe assembly.

CNIM China has to deliver the whole 29 escalators in 2021. Our teams are ready to meet this challenge and to deliver high performance and quality products.

 Heavy-duty escalators before being delivered © CNIM Industrial Systems China

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