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CNIM China won Foshan Gaoming welding competition

October 30th, 2021. In its workshops, CNIM Industrial Systems China held the Foshan Gaoming welding competition organized by the government.

64 welders from all around the city joined this 1-day competition, including 2 welders from CNIM China.

 Welders in action in CNIM China workshops to try to win the competition

    The welders competed in two practical tests, using TIG &" MAG welding processes: plate-to-plate overhead welding and tubes welding at 45 degrees. The welded materials were respectively Q235 and #20 steels.

 Video moments of the welding competition

Congratulations to all welders! And our worker Zhao Zhenquan who got the first place!

 Well done to Zhao Zhenquan our welder that won the competition!

At CNIM China, our welding experts are trained according to international standards. They have certifications according to ISO 9606. CNIM China welds equipment and structures for demanding industries. Its welding skills has become a benchmark in the industry.

"We were happy to hold this social event and exchange technical ideas with welding professionals." said Raphaël Pellerin, deputy managing director of CNIM Industrial Systems China.

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