French design allied to best-cost stainless steel equipment manufacturing

French design allied to best-cost stainless steel equipment manufacturing

Project key figures


Nuclear standards compliance


Noise reduction


Small holes within each silencer

Silencers designed by Bertin, a CNIM Group subsidiary, were manufactured by CNIM Industrial Systems China to meet the challenges of competitiveness. The 18 units produced ensure the safety of nuclear power plants in the event of overpressure in the plants’ secondary systems.



  • • Dimensions: 3 m high, 2 m wide

    • Weight: 3.4 tonnes

    • Units produced: 18

    • Material: Stainless steel

Ensuring the saftey of nuclear power plants

In the event of an accident involving overpressure in the secondary cooling system of a nuclear power plant, non-radioactive pressurized steam is released into the atmosphere. This incident causes a very loud noise of up to 140 decibels. Silencers are installed in order to protect workers and the environment. These silencers, fitted with more than 5,000 small holes, control the steam outlet speed and reduce the noise level by 30 decibels per unit. Bertin, a subsidiary of the CNIM Group, designed and patented this technology.

Meeting competitiveness &  performance

To meet the needs of the Chinese market, Bertin asked CNIM Industrial Systems China to manufacture these products while optimizing costs. A total of 18 units were manufactured between 2012 and 2015.

This short-run production provided the engineering teams at CNIM Industrial Systems China with expertise in acoustic analysis and improved its skills in seismic calculation. The teams provided quality monitoring and documentary follow-up in accordance with nuclear industry requirements and perfected their stainless steel manufacturing techniques.

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