Making machine frames reliably: a strong industrial partnership

Making machine frames reliably: a strong industrial partnership

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                    CNIM Industrial Systems China has been manufacturing high-thickness welded machine frames in medium production runs for the German Kurtz group for over 8 years. These very high quality, reliable frames are delivered in extra-quick time.



  • • Dimensions* : ~1m²

    • Thickness: 40 mm

    • Weight : 3200 to 5000 kg

    • Units produced : over 1200

    • Material : Steel

    * There are more than 10 different types of frames

Seeking a reliable partner

German Kurtz group manufactures machines producing extruded polystyrene and equipment used in various industrial sectors, such as building, leisure and sport, packagings and automobiles.

In order to cut its quality control and project management costs, the German group needed a partner that was both reliable and autonomous. The need for reliability applied to the manufacture of quality products complying with European standards on a regular basis, as well as to production rates and delivery deadlines. Autonomy meant finding a single contact able to manage the whole supply chain. CNIM Industrial Systems China fulfilled all the quality and project management requirements of this European client and the industrial partnership began in 2013.


Serial-manufactured, high thickness structures delivered in record time

Since 2013, CNIM Industrial Systems China has been regularly manufacturing the high-thickness, welded frames on which Kurtz group installs its equipment. There are about 10 types of frames, weighing from 3,200 to 5,000 kg, and they can be customized to meet the needs of end customers. In total, 60 frames came out of CNIM Industrial Systems China’s workshops in 2018, three times more than in 2013.

The procurement of raw materials is localized by CNIM Industrial Systems China, as this is a key necessity to cut production times.

Welding, one of CNIM’s long-standing trades, is performed by an expert, as the structures are 40 mm thick and the client’s requirements are especially strict for these products. Quality control procedures include high-pressure tests to eliminate any subsequent risks of leaks.

To better respond to serial production requirements and extend the expertise of its teams, CNIM Industrial Systems China invested in a new machining center to be installed in its workshops in the first quarter of 2019.

Storage capabilities to adapt to market trends

In addition, CNIM Industrial Systems China provided Kurtz group with a storage area for welded frames, as market demands tend to vary at different times of year. This storage facility offers significant time-savings, as regards procurement, welding and quality control. By maintaining a constant lead on production needs in this way, CNIM Industrial Systems China can be extremely responsive so as to satisfy the very tight lead times of between 40 and 70 days required by the client.

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