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Our DNA is to provide reliable solutions to demanding industrial customers.

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CNIM China designs & supplies high-end conveyors for specific application in the industry, such as heavy-duty escalators for airport & subway, conveyor for the automotive industry or production line for nuclear products, where reliablity is key.

Most of our turnkey industrial conveyors have a tailored-made design, meeting european standards, to comply with clients’ performance requirements and very high level of quality.


CNIM China's team ensure high quality local sourcing, checking suppliers with relevant certifications and the quality of raw material, to deliver cost-optimized industrial conveyor, within the best delivery times.

All the manufacturing process is done with CNIM China's workshops, including the preliminary assembly and tests. The final acceptance will be done on our client's site, supported eventually by operators training sessions.

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High-quality electromechanical systems

Thanks to mechanical engineering & assembly, monitoring & control, small to medium run manufacturing capabilities combined with advanced calculations capacities , CNIM China designs and deliver complex electromechanical systems.

Nuclear power plant, public health infrastructures, food industry... CNIM China puts its skills and fields of expertise at the service of industrial players for whom product quality is the cornerstone.

If required, French CNIM Group's team supervises product transfer technology and design adaptation to the chinese subsidiary. CNIM China coordinates all subcontractors locally and raw material sourcing.

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Welded structures at optimal competitiveness

CNIM China provides a reliable industrial partnership to design & manufacture large welded structures compliant with european quality standards.

2.8m height and 3.5m diameter quench which are made of 254SMO stainless steel and to be installed on-board ships for smoking scrubbing. CNIM China delivers high-quality products to high-end international industrial players.

Strong fields of expertise, such as welding, raw material localization, supply chain management, quality control procedures ensure project costs as well as product reliability, stable production rates and short delivery times.

Discover some of our references

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